Spring Into SciFi 2018 Edition

We are pleased to announce the lineup for our Spring Into SciFi, 2018 Edition. Be it print, or ebook, you will find these great authors within the pages of our second short story collection.

We invite you to click on each author to see more details about them.

Sandy Stuckless with "Date Night"
Anthony Engebretson with "The Portal"
Desmond Warzel with "Look for the Union Label"
Tony Conaway with "The Radium Room"
Ewan Chapman with "Deepest Blue"
Mike Adamson with "One Shot Kill"
Myke Edwards with "The Man Without A Planet"
Matthew McKiernan with "Invaders"
Nick Morrison with "Data Transfer"
John Haas with "Hero's End"
Nick Korolev with "Eyes of the Lion"
Kate E. Lore with "Steamed"
Larry Leftkowitz with "Future Sleuth"

Coming Soon:  our cover for the Spring Into SciFi, 2018 Edition, design by Steger Productions