News from the Cloak, October '17

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Fall Into Fantasy, 2017 is live
We are very excited for our first anthology launched last month. A few reviews have rolled in (and two removed by Amazon's unscrupulous practices) and we'd love to hear what you have to say about it. What did you like? What would you like to see more of? Feedback on a particular story can, at your discretion, be shared with the author of that story as well. We do invite you to find and follow the authors you liked on their social media profiles. Those that have provided them are either included in the book itself, and found on our Author Profiles on our website. You can find these by clicking HERE .

Submissions open for Spring Into SciFi 2018
We have officially opened up for submissions to our Spring Into SciFi, 2018 edition short story collection. Send us your aliens, space travel, advanced technology, cloning, and AI stories to  You can find all the rules and details on our site, HERE.

Andrew Sweetapple is back from his one-month hiatus to bring us the next installment of his "Nights on the Edge" series, but before we get to his story, lets get our winner for our Amazon gift card. This month's winner of the $5.00 Amazon gift card is, Cathy Bryant. Cathy, if you don't see the email from Amazon sometime today, please email to let us know.

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"Nights on the Edge" will feature journal entries and short flash fiction accounts from the residents of Red Rock, a lawless, Old West style town on the planet Ignis. Ignis is a mostly desert planet on the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy. Join us as we meet the residents and get to know what life is like on the Edge.
Nights on the Edge 06

           To narrow down a list of possible suspects, you have to try and look not at just the cold hard facts about what you hear and see on a scene but also the implied sort of links. Folks will often not say what’s really on their mind when asked a direct question, instead answering with a half-truth rather than an outright lie. They don’t want to say what’s really on their mind because then nobody would want to talk with them for being too honest. It’s a double edged sword. One has to put together the hard facts and the half-truths to put together a picture and figure out the mystery behind it. If ever there was a time I wish I could read minds, it would be questioning suspects. It would just make my life so much simpler in the end, consequences be damned.
           There were a dozen people who had the keys to access the back of the Balehouse at the time of the murder. Since the place didn’t have any security cameras, there was no way to verify who was where at the exact minute but there are a number of facts that can be relied on. Mobius himself is out of the question, unless he decided to shoot himself in an odd way and steal his own instrument after he died. We can mark him off so that leaves eleven suspects. There were four bartenders working tonight and the Balehouse was packed to the brim with people. They wouldn’t be pried away from the bar for long and be losing tips that could go to paying rent, buying food or their own booze. I know one of them, Yung Lee. He’s a decent sort and he vouched for his other bartenders that while the pay was shit and there were problems with management, the job was alright and none of them had a reason to go after Luther. Yung Lee himself had been dying to listen to the artist do his work and he practically had front row seats to the show. Four down, seven to go.

           There were two girls who were working in the back, Cindy and Elizabeth. Jack-of-all-trade sorts who get hired for odd jobs around town. Tonight they had been hired as stage hands for the show. I questioned each girl in private. Cindy’s a local girl, growing up in Red Rock her entire life and no stranger to violence. Despite that, in the few times I’ve met her over the past four years on other cases or on patrol, she’s been a sweetheart. Those big green eyes of hers were on the cusp of tears the entire twenty minutes I spoke with her. Plus, she was on stage at the time of the murder, setting up the microphone. No dice. I immediately went next door and started grilled the other stagehand.

           Elizabeth was a bit skittish when I met with her at her apartment. She was dodging questions left and right and her story wasn’t making much sense. She said she had been out behind the bar, smoking when the shots were heard. Yet she ran right by me when Klaus chased her out of the bathroom. She finally broke down after I pressed her and admitted she was chewing on green glass in the bathroom. Opening her mouth, she showed me her back teeth that sickly green color that comes with the nasty habit. Dead end there. That stuff on the regular will mellow out the roughest people in the galaxy. I let her off with a warning to get some help before she melted her brain. Two more down, five to go.

           Collin Jones, the owner, can get marked off as well. Why would he put his own person and his successful business in jeopardy? He had been trying for months to get Luther Mobius in town to play at his bar, it was no big secret. Killing the man would put everything Collin had been working on for years right down the drain and for what? A fancy instrument? Plus, we found his drunken ass on the other side of town in a brothel bedroom. The two ladies he was with vouched that he got there before dark to drink himself stupid and the bartenders plus the matron of the establishment confirmed the story. Another suspect off the list, leaving just four non-locals to question.

           Luther’s manager, Kelly Numeri, and the three piece band that he traveled with. Gary Phillips, the drummer and Lyon brothers, Bradford and Saul on backup vocals and synth-sitar. Each of them are in questionable states as of the moment and we’ve taken all four into custody. Kelly claims that she was chatting up some scientist from the research facility nearby in the crowds when the shots went off. Those guys already went off back to their labs so I guess someone will need to make a trip up there to question them. Gary we found behind the bar itself, smoking tumblegrass. When we first questioned him, he said he’s got some bad aches in his wrists that he needs to ease the pain and some pre-show jitters. He said there was nobody else back there to vouch for him. The man argued with us all the way to his cell.

           The Lyons brothers are striking me as all sorts of suspicious. They were apart at the time but claim to knowing what the other brother was up to. Neither of their stories are matching up. Bradford says he went out to get some food for them before the show but when we found him in the crowd outside the bar, he didn’t have any food cases with him. Says he was still in line when the shots happened. Saul says his brother went out for some smokes but when he was taking too long, he went out and got them himself. We found him smashed through a table in the main bar area, he had gotten caught up in the chaos by the looks of things. One of them is lying, I know it but I can’t figure out why yet. Maybe when we grill them individually we can get some answers.

-Initial report from Night Sheriff Alexander after apprehension of suspects
20th of Mire, local calendar, 2167