News from the Cloak, December '17

Hello all and welcome to the December 2017 edition of our newsletter. I have an exciting ebook giveaway to share with you, as well as Andrew Sweetapple is back with another installment of "Nights on the Edge". Let's get rolling...

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"Nights on the Edge" installment for December 2017 from Andrew Sweetapple . Don't forget to check out his blog The Scholarium .

"Nights on the Edge" will feature journal entries and short flash fiction accounts from the residents of Red Rock, a lawless, Old West style town on the planet Ignis. Ignis is a mostly desert planet on the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy. Join us as we meet the residents and get to know what life is like on the Edge.

Nights on the Edge 07

              “Would you please state your name for the record?” Michael Lich, the Day Sheriff, said as he tapped a pen against the notepad that he carried in his jacket pocket.
              “My name is Ms. Kelly Numeri.”
              “And would you please state your age and profession as well?”
              “Why do you need to know my age?”
              “Please ma’am, I’m just following protocol on this. Don’t give me that glare, if you have a problem with how the laws are written go contact the people that wrote them. Now, age and profession please.”
              Kelly sighs. “I am close to… forty, my birthday being next month and my profession used to be the manager for Luther Mobius before he got himself killed cold.”
              “Thank you,” Michael said. “Now Ms. Numeri, you were at the Balehouse last night, correct?”
              “Of course I was,” Kelly said with an annoyed tone. “Don’t beat around the bush with me sir. We both know why I was detained from my room this morning. You suspect me of killing my client?”
              “We had a short list of suspects that was quickly cut shorter ma’am. There were a limited number of people that had access to the backstage area at the time of the murder. Speaking of which, where were you at approximately 8:58 PM?”
              “Like I said when I was arrested by your goons, I was out on the floor before the show. Luther liked to have his quiet, just him and his instrument to make any last adjustments when he gets ready for a show. I went to grab myself a drink and I started to chat with some guy who was there as well.”
              Michael scribbled down a few quick notes in his book. “When was the last time you saw Luther?”
              “That would be 8:30 PM. I left him alone in the business office back there where I thought he was safe.” Kelly’s voice only growing in frustration as she spoke. “Collin had assured us that nobody would bother him while he got ready in the office there, even cleared out for the night and everything. Apparently not since my client is dead and I’m out of a job. Why would I be a suspect? Luther was a pain in my rear sometimes with his attitude but he showed up sober to shows, did his work well and left. Why would I kill my meal ticket?”
              “I’m not sure ma’am, that’s what we’re trying to find out here with these questions. Here in Red Rock we’ve had people kill over the strange and unusual. Just last month we had a miner stab his friend in the knee for suggesting his friend had terrible taste in women. Now there’s a man in jail for assault and another who’s going to walk funny the rest of his life. We don’t judge anything by face value around these parts. But ma’am, if you’ll just answer my questions, things will go a lot faster. You’ll get back to your cell, we’ll question the other suspects and then figure out what happened. Please, just work with me for a few minutes and then you can go.”
              She thought about it for a moment before letting out an exacerbated sigh. “Fine,” Kelly crossed her arms. “Continue Sheriff.”
              “Thank you. Now, you said you were speaking with a man before at the bar. Did you happen to catch his name?”
              “No, all I know about him was that he worked at a nearby research station. Doing something with plant cells, I don’t know. We were only talking for a few minutes before the shots went off.”
              “What did you do after the shots went off?”
              Kelly let out a laugh. “Are you kidding me? I got the hell out of there. The main floor turned to chaos the second those shots went off and I was out the front door in less than a minute. Might’ve had to kick a few people to get them out of the way but my safety was more important, you understand.”
              “Of course Ms. Numeri. Now, you got outside the Balehouse and then what?”
              “I kept running. I grew up in a town just like Red Rock. When the shooting starts, you find some place safe and you stay there. I ran back to my hotel room and hunkered down there. Your goons came to find me a few hours later.”
              Michael kept writing down in his book as Kelly spoke. “Is there anything you can tell us about Luther? Might there have been any problems he’d be having recently? Something that would help point us in the right direction to find his killer?”
              “Luther had his fair share of problems like anyone else. Ex-girlfriends who he’d had nasty break-ups with, some competition within the music industry with other synth-sitar players and the occasional overly enthusiastic fan but nobody who would want to kill him.” Kelly let out another sigh as she relaxed her posture, setting her hands on the table. “Well, maybe there’s one thing. This is all kept between us correct?”
              “The only people who will hear the tape are law enforcement and the judge. Nobody else ma’am.”
              “Well, Luther and Gary had been having some arguments recently. They’d been fighting over a deal I had put forward to the band. A residency at a casino in the shipping station orbiting Ignis. It was good money, they were covering all expenses while living up there but it was a two-year commitment. Gary was saying that music like theirs wasn’t meant to be tied down somewhere. Luther wanted the money and the Lyons brothers were on the fence due to some family obligations. But I don’t really think that old Gary would go so far to protect the ‘soul’ of the music.”
              “You never really know with people until they’re under stress.” Michael said as he jotted down one last note. “Thank you ma’am, I think we’re done here. You can go back to your cell.”

-From the questioning recording of Kelly Numeri by Day Sheriff Michael Lich
20th of Mire, local calendar, 2167