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Fall Into Fantasy 2017 Cover Reveal
That's right folks, it is here. The cover for our 2017, Fall Into Fantasy Anthology has arrived.


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"Nights on the Edge" will feature journal entries and short flash fiction accounts from the residents of Red Rock, a lawless, Old West style town on the planet Ignis. Ignis is a mostly desert planet on the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy. Join us as we meet the residents and get to know what life is like on the Edge.

Nights on the Edge 05

              Murder investigation isn’t the easiest thing to do. You’ve got to take a visceral scene and look it over in great detail to absorb all of the facts and
nothing but. Yeah there’s a body or two drawing dirt flies but you’ve got to look at them like they’re nothing but pieces of cold, lumpy furniture. It’s a lot of work where you’ve got to get your hand dirty but its work that’s got to be done. Not the easiest way to make a living but I suppose I should count myself lucky I’m not working in the mines. Usually, one of the investigators don’t get called in until the morning. When I was woken up by a call from the Night Sheriff, I knew something bad must’ve happened.
                “Bring your kit to the Balehouse,” Alexander had said. “We’ve got a high profile killing.”
                Took me a good twenty minutes to wake up, get dressed and made sure I was ready before heading out to the Balehouse. The crowds were starting to disperse as word spread like a dry wood wildfire. Luther Mobius was dead, shot backstage of the Balehouse. Oh boy, this was going to get messy before it got any better. Meeting Alexander out behind the bar, we crept in through the back door and into the office where the body was.
                “I took some preliminary examinations,” Alexander said as he closed the door behind us. “While everything was still fresh.”
                “Did you move anything?”
                Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath as I prepared myself. To examine a scene, one has to be in the right mind frame. No matter who’s dead, no matter how bloody the scene, you’ve got to detach yourself from it. To put away everything in your head except for that cold, logical center. Once you’ve got what you need, you’re free to leave and puke your guts out off of the scene. Until then, it’s nothing but professionalism. Opening my eyes back up, I looked out to the room, hit record on my wrist comp and began to speak and walk around the room.
                “The victim is Luther Mobius, male aged late forties, shot twice with what appears to be a laser weapon at close range. The wounds look like they struck him dead on so it was from whoever was sitting across from him. Victim had time to draw his own weapon in self-defense but not enough to use it at a cursory glance. He’s also holding an empty case, looks like it would hold a musical instrument. Nothing appears to be upset otherwise in the room besides the window. Nothing has been knocked off of the desk, the safe underneath the desk itself is still locked and the drawers look orderly.”
                Alexander had leaned back against the wall by the window, quietly watching with a curious look on his face. Say what you will about the man and his personality, he’s a professional through and through. Didn’t even seemed bothered by the lingering smell in the room.
                “The window was broken outwards with glass in the alleyway dirt. No object used, it was broken with the blunt force of the body that smashed through it. First floor window, easy escape route if dangerous. Blood on the broken glass. Will take sample to compare to planetary government records. The escape probably hurt the perpetrator fairly badly, not as easy as it looks to leave through a window. May be able to identify suspect through those injuries.”
                Walking over to Luther and taking a knee, examining his person, he seemed to be an unremarkable man. “Salt and pepper hair, sun damage around his eyes, plain brown irises. One could lose a man this quaint looking in a crowd at the blink of an eye. Hands curled like claws around the gun and the case. Going through his pockets, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Pocket comp systems, physical money as well as a holographic credit stick and a holster on the left interior of the jacket. Will scan his personal comp for any further information.” Standing up and checking over his pockets once more, there was nothing that struck out as obvious. Looking over to Alexander with a nod, there was nothing else to examine. The scene was simple and straightforward.
                “Alright Isaac, thanks for coming in.” Alexander said. “Take his comp, I’ll take his other effects to the station. You’ve got any ideas so far?”
                It took a moment of through thought before I answered. “Luther was holding his instrument in his case in his left hand before he died. He refused to let it go, even after he was shot. The synth-sitar was taken by our perpetrator before they escaped. Instead of running out the back door thirty feet away and being spotted, they jumped out the window. Potential suspects are people who had access to backstage. It was premeditated.”
                “How’d you figure?” Alexander said as he opened the door so we could leave.
                “The shots in his chest. Two single shots, center of the chest. Too controlled for a quick draw and aim. Perpetrator was already holding the gun out to Luther and Luther already had his piece out. They had come back here to talk, they both drew but the perpetrator was the only one who fired.”
                Alexander nodded gravely as he closed the office door behind us. “Thanks again for coming in so late and so quickly. There’s not a whole lot of time to try and figure out who did this. Guess we’ll start with the employees of the Balehouse, see what they know or what they could have seen.”
                I nodded as I made my way back towards the back exit and pushed my way out. Feeling the bile rushing up my throat, I jogged to the garbage cans and my stomach purged itself over a case of empty liquor bottles. Crime scene investigation isn’t easy at the best of times but hey, it pays the bills.

-From the report of Investigator Isaac Hill, Crime Scene Investigator, Red Rock
20th of Mire, local calendar, 2167

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