About the Author

Mike Adamson holds a PhD in archaeology from Flinders University of South Australia. After early aspirations in art and writing, Mike returned to study and secured degrees in both marine biology and archaeology. Mike currently lectures in anthropology, is a passionate photographer, a master-level hobbyist and journalist for international magazines. Some recent sales are to the anthologies Mind Candy Vol, I, Endless Apocalypse and Visions VII: Universe, and the magazines Daily SF, Compelling Science Fiction, Centropic Oracle and Phantaxis. Mike has garnered an Honourable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest on four occasions, and has placed a total of 43 stories to date.

His blog, The View from the Keyboard:

What follows is a selection of his previous publications you can check out.

Free online archiving:

Hostile Intent in Compelling Science Fiction #10

Cogito, Ergo Sum in Compelling Science Fiction #7

North of 25 at Uprising Review

Street Pirates at Uprising Review

Here’s an op-ed I wrote for them on commission, too:

Naevus at Uprising Review

R*E*X at Syntax and Salt

Dreamworld at Zetetic

Lo, These Many Gods in SQ Mag #28

And these are available for purchase:

Circus to Boulonge in Storyhack #1

The Hard Way Home in The Martian Wave 2017

Pelagus in Ecotastrophe II

The Marachel Job in Andromeda Spaceways #68

Fear of the Dark in Aurealis #104

With Strange Aeons in the Lammas 2017 Lovecraftiana:

The Alien Way in Visions VII: Universe

An Echo of Gondwana in Lost Worlds

The Fall of the Dark God in the Walpurgisnacht 2017 Lovecraftiana

Lux Aeterna in Helios Quarterly Vol.2, No.1

Vital Dispatches in Phantaxis #3

The Eternals in Phantaxis #7