About the Author
Jack E. Mohr

Jack E. Mohr hails from Spring Valley, California and graduated from Morehouse College with a BA in Business Administration-Management.  This is where his desire to write came into fruition.  He's self-taught, and enjoys studying and working on the craft daily.  We are pleased to be the ones bringing you his first published story. He can be contacted via email ( ingloriousresurrection@gmail.com ), Instagram ( @TheArtofJack ), or his blog ( ingloriousresurrection.com ).

Jack has fun writing, and feels he has an obligation to the craft.  He has tons of stories floating around in his head, and feels that it is his obligation to convey these stories in an honest, truthful, effective, and well-crafted manner.  He also loves playing basketball and has played at very high levels.  He was able to play in China, Ecuador, Mexico, and Germany.  A simple man and fairly open. If you reach out, he’ll respond.