About the Author

Desmond Warzel is the author of a few dozen short stories in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.  These have appeared on newfangled podcasts such as Escape Pod, at cutting edge websites like Tor.com, and in nifty magazines such as the venerable Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  His blog, the Jobless Insomniacs Motorcycle Club, can be found at  http://desmondwarzel.wordpress.com .  It is updated with shameful infrequency, but it also contains a lovely list of all his published works, complete with links.  He lives and writes in northwestern Pennsylvania; most of his other activities you probably wouldn't be too interested in, but his main source of both diversion and self-torment is rooting for the Cleveland Indians.  Despite a couple of close calls in recent years, this hobby still persists as an elegant exercise in the endurance of torture.