About the Author
David Pauly

Hailing from suburban Chicago, David Pauly went to high school with Ferris Bueller, though he never got a ride in the Ferrari. Fun didn’t really start until college at UW Madison, or Madtown as it was back then. 10 beers for a dollar, 80’s miniskirts, with a total den of iniquity at his disposal made for awesome times that he mostly remembers. His History degree upon graduation meant straight to food service flipping pizzas.
Poverty was unappealing, with no Ferrari in sight, so deciding to sell most of his soul, he went onward and downward to law school, literally. It was deep into the Confederacy where David would spend 3 years at Washington and Lee trying to understand Southern Tradition but failing miserably.
Another graduation saw David move to the Land of Enchantment where he was bemused by the sunny skies and spicy food of New Mexico for a short while. Soon the nickname of the state, the Land of Entrapment, truly revealed itself as David was surrounded by angry slackers, financing their tattoos by disconnecting their utilities, subjected to a horrible sound emanating from cheap speakers; Grunge. David’s only escape from this sandy hell of ignorance, poverty and violence was returning to his childhood escape, fantasy fiction.
Always wondering what would have happened after the ring went into the fire he began to write a few lines of fan fiction, which became pages, chapters and eventually an entire novel. Re-writing fan fiction into an original story was incredibly difficult, yet rewarding, but finally the world of Nostraterra during the Fourth Age came to life in the series Shadow Wars.
Shortly after roughing out Assassins, David heard gun fire from his office window and saw the film crew from Breaking Bad taking cover from an actual drive-by as rival gangs sprayed bullets indiscriminately. Fearing that his tenure as Saul was about to come to an end in a shallow grave on the west mesa, David and his family pulled up stakes bound for down under.
Older certainly, wiser, maybe not, but physically much safer trading kangaroos leaping out from the bushes rather than heavily armed Trump fans. David is hard at work on the second series of books from the land of Nostraterra, The Fourth Age, Dark Shaman. With a little luck, he will be able to put away his Barrister’s robes, write and cook, never to be asked by a client, “Am I going to Jail again?” again.
Interests include cooking, weather forecasting, martial arts, writing obviously and Japanese swords.

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